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The Marxist mainstream media constantly try to portray BNP supporters as skinhead thugs, when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Under the leadership of Chairman Nick Griffin, the Party has attracted numerous ordinary, hardworking, respectable people. This site gives you the chance to see past the media spin and the lies of the Old Gang (LibLabCon) by introducing you to a few of the BNP’s finest members.


Lee lives in Kent and has a law degree, LL.B.(Hons). As Lee is one of Britain’s top legal minds, we in the BNP are proud to have him as our Legal Director.

A brave British Nationalist for many years, Lee has been a victim of the conspiracy to halt the success of the BNP. In 2005, Lee represented a Party member in an employment tribunal (read the legal document here) and in the event the Party member ended up having to pay the respondent £1,400. The Judgment in the case stated, referring to Lee’s work: ‘I am unimpressed … The claim was doomed to failure from the start … It had no reasonable prospect of success…’ This proves that there is a conspiracy against the BNP and under a BNP Government we are certain that Lee would have won the case.

Lee isn’t just a legal eagle, he’s also a great writer, and is the author of the popular website 21st Century British Nationalism. On his site, Lee posts all the latest BNP news and views, as well as his groundbreaking research into scientific, cultural, and historical topics. A few highly recommended highlights include:

Lee suggests that we ‘couild save humanity and the planet from the looming energy crisis’ using technology from UFOs being hidden by the US Shadow Government.

Lee has discovered the secret to direct communication with God using the power of the Gnostic Chakras.

Lee has revealed the secret to Enlightenment:

‘The Gnostic Gospels reveal a technique involving meditation on the Seven Chakras and an understanding of the techniques of the Three Holy Streams (Posture, Breath, Meditation ) that will allow a Gnostic access to enlightenment and then access to the Second Aeon of the Sethian Pneumaticos.’

Lee has found that ancient Norse legends hold the key to a scientific understanding of the universe. He explains:

‘I am attempting to unite 11 dimensional M-Theory, 9 brane theory, the cosmological constant, gravity, dark energy, dark matter and the fundamental forces and link them with the cosmology of the Eddas and other Norse cosmological texts’.

Lee has taken a brave stand against social networking websites. He writes:

‘I hate anyone with a fucking facebook account, who twitters, who has a myspace account, who spends time posting up pictures of their sad lives and their ugly mugs on the internet – if you have one of those techno shite accounts then you are sad fucking, no life, metrosexual twat… ANYONE THAT TWITTERS IS A CUNT. ANYONE THAT RECIEVES A TWITTER IS A CUNT’.

Lee explains how to deal with people who play their iPods too loud on the London Underground:

‘if you play it any louder I will reach over, rip your fucking lungs from your chest and paint the carriage red with your intestines. I dont want to hear what shit you are listening too. I would rather hear your last gurgling breath as you pray for deliverance from my fury to the great god of simpering arse bandits. I often fantasise about strangling them with the wires of their Ipods whilst Goldie drops a phat beat into their ears ands they slowly turn blue and vanish into dickhead oblivion’.

The BNP – putting common sense back into politics.


Hailing from Swindon, Elizabeth (‘Epona’ to her friends) is a proud member of the BNP and helps promote the Party by writing no less than three BNP supporting blogs. Elizabeth is typical of the kind of sensible, down to earth people who join the BNP, and on her Red Squirrel’s “Nut Cracking” Nationalism! website, she shows that BNP members are interested in spirituality and indigenous traditions.

Elizabeth is a pagan and likes nothing more than to go walking in the countryside, looking for sticks to use as wands for magic spells and finding plants to put in her magical potions. She writes:

I venture out to gather the cast off branches of trees with which to make runes and wands, gathering medicinal herbs, fruits, berries, nuts and edible fungi in the countryside and woods elsewhere.

Elizabeth encourages other BNP members to use magic to help us reach our goals. Scroll down the left side of her main webpage and you will find a nithing curse, a magical ritual in which ancient gods are invoked to put a curse on Mohammed. You can try it yourself by playing five audio files which have been recorded with ‘permission of those gods invoked’.

Showing that it’s not all doom and gloom in the BNP, on Elizabeth’s site you can read fascinating accounts of the kind of fun Party members have. In a typical example, Elizabeth writes:

Yesterday Peter and I renewed our Handfasting Vows on the top of Woden’s Hill in the centre of Avebury. Sunna smiled down in blessing as I called out to the Northern Gods at the four Quarters. After quaffing a sizable amount of celebratory mead with our Kindred we spent the night in Savernake forest; a sitting out ritual designed to commune with Nature… May the ancient Gods of our Ancestors awaken us all the the New Dawn that is rising in the collective consciousness of our Folk! Hail The New Dawn!

I think we can all agree with that!


Bob is an elected BNP councillor and head of the BNP’s London election campaign. As is so often the case in Marxist controlled Britain, Bob has been a victim of politically motivated police persecution. In 2009, Bob was arrested for refusing to give a road side breath sample. Bob suspected that the officers involved were actually acting upon ‘a higher order’ and has stated:

‘It adds to my belief it is a conspiracy against me, my party and the indigenous people of this country’.

Bob has recently been making headlines again after he bravely stood up to a coloured Pastor who was trying to convert offices in Barking into a church. Showing that the BNP are in touch with the feelings of all normal people in Britain, Bob told the planning committee meeting last July:

‘We don’t want the amount of black children’.

Good work, Bob!


The media claim that the BNP hates Muslims, but BNP candidate Edith shows that this simply isn’t true. Edith, who has a Diploma in Modern Classical Arabic Translation, explains that:

‘An Islamic state as laid out in the Koran and Hadith … would be strict but merciful, and true Muslim culture would flourish as it did in the Golden Age of Islam before the rules were relaxed too much and everything became a bit decadent’.

Edith is devoted to taking a prophetic approach to modern society and notes:

‘Prophets are often written off as mad, aren’t they? – including one of the greatest, Muhammad peace and praise be upon him’.

People join the BNP for many reasons, with the most important being that the Party is in touch with the views of ordinary people. Edith tells the public what drew her to the Party:

‘I realised long ago that the BNP is the British equivalent of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, whom I admire and respect and who have great courage. That is why I joined’.

Edith has recently explained these ideas to members of the Premier Christian forum. Like the BNP, ‘Hamas and Islamic Jihad are not anti-Semitic’, says Edith, and:

‘It is a Christian duty to back Hamas’.

These are just the kind of sensible ideas you can expect to find in the BNP.

As you can see:




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April 11, 2010 at 11:33 am